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STAR4BBS hold its first stakeholders consultation workshop

By 9 Feb. 2023April 7th, 2023No Comments
STAR4BBS Co-creation Workshop

On 26th January 2023 Nova held a policy workshop in STAR4BBS framework. The objective of the event was to prioritise policy targets relevant for biomass and bio-based products and materials. In total 18 experts took part at the workshop, including policy makers, certification schemes practitioners and members of our consortium. NOVA partners presented the results of the systematic review of sustainability policies of the EU in order to introduce the work that would be done. ISEAL partners instead gave a short presentation on the design of a monitoring system.

The workshop was divided into two sections:

  • The first one consisted of a prioritization exercise. The expert provided their opinions on the relevance of preselected 15 policy targets based on the relationship of the targets with biomass and bio-based materials and products, and the contribution of sustainability certification schemes towards the fulfilment of the targets and the relevance of the policy targets to achieve net-zero by 2050.
  • The second one was a discussion on the policy target that were ranked higher and the possibility to classify these targets according to their specificity and to whether their aims at the use phase or production phase of biomass and bio-based materials and products.

The workshop was a success and helped all consortium with the identification of important policy targets to which direct our work.